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New Patch! Version 1.2.0

Our next beta Patch has arrived and is ready to be played. Get into the fight now!

This is our second major patch, we called it "The Battle Begins". We are very excited about the possibility of having more than 2 players in one game and are starting with a 10-player mode called Last Man Standing.

New Features

  • New 10 Player Free For All Mode (Last Man Standing)
  • Random Map System
  • New Cell Hover Over Animation
  • In-game Chat
  • New Testing Feedback UI
  • Better In-game Performance
  • Tons of Bugfixes

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The Bellum Team wishes every Gamer a Merry Christmas

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New game mode and more!

The new patch is out, with lots of updates. Let's check them out.

What's in the patch?

  • New Game Mode: Random Cards
  • New Map: Old World Ruin
  • New map system (can work with bigger then 20x10)
  • New Game Queue System and UI
  • New Profile pictures
  • Custom Profile items now show available ones first
  • Training Wheel System can be turned off
  • And many more bugfixes

Random cards game mode

Feel like you can beat anyone, no matter your deck? Try your luck in the random mode.

To spice up the game, both players will get the same set of cards to create a battle of skill and fast strategic thinking. Like a box of chocolate, You'll never know what you gonna get!

The new menu

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The Fearless Killer HC is here!

Feeling empty after beating The Fearless Killer? Fear not! His hardcore version has arrived.

The Fearless Killer HC

The Fearless Killer's origin is unknown. He has just arrived in our Galaxy and started occupying all the planets. He knows no mercy, nobody can stop him... Or can you?

The last boss?

Hell no! Although this cycle of bosses has ended, we are going the reveal the next cycle soon. Stay tuned!

Got any ideas?

We are more than happy to hear your ideas, what kind of bosses would you like play, what did you like, and what not. Join us at Discord or write a mail to

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The Untouchable Towers are here!

In need of a challenge? Destroy the Untouchable Towers, our latest addition to the game!

This time we treat you with two new bosses, with a whole new kind of challenge, which requires a whole new kind of gameplay!

Untouchable Towers

The Greatest Strategic challenge from the 31st century comes from the Andromeda Galaxy. The Towers are inpenetrable and the poisons that surrends them will kill anyone in minutes.

Untouchable Towers HC

Same as above, but from the 32nd century. Yeah, it sounds a lot scarier...

Not so easy...

On your way through the Stellae Universe, you will find many foes along the way. Some are easy to find, some are not. Some are alone, some are protected. These hellish towers are also protected, by The Virus, nonetheless. To reach the towers, you have to beat The Virus first.

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Cpt Jack HC has arrived!

Have you beaten Cpt Jack? Try your skills against his hardcore version!

Cpt Jack HC

Captain Jack comes from the Evil Eye Galaxy. He is acting like a comet. If he can hit the ground near you, you will be trapped. He thinks and acts fast! Take the best tactic against him!

The hardcore versions

Do not forget, that hardcore versions are stronger, faster, and harder to beat. Make your own tactic against them and adjust your deck when it is necessary.

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New Bosses coming soon

We are excited to show you the upcoming bosses of Bellum: Stellae!

The upcoming bosses

The next few weeks we bring you four new bosses with new, different challenges.

We have just released Lady X and her Hardcore version, we are ready to ship Cpt Jack HC, the Untouchable Towers (with their HC version), and a more challenging version of Fearless Killer.

  • 13th November: Captain Jack HC
  • 18th November: Untouchable Towers
  • 18th November: Untouchable Towers HC
  • 23rd November: Fearless Killer HC

Special rules

When playing bosses, you might find yourself surprised. These fights have special rules, which against you have to think out of the box and come up with new strategies. Try different units, and various spells, our change your playstyle accordingly. On a side note: changing the victory cards have no effect, sometimes these matches have victory conditions which are not available to players.

Hardcore opponents

Managed to beat all the bosses? Aiming for greater challenges? Try yourself in hardcore mode, where even The Snail will be faster. To play against a hardcore boss, you will have to first beat it in normal mode.

Reach for the top

For each boss (and their hardcore version) we have different ranking tables. The fastest players beating the bosses will have their rightful places there. Are you fast and clever enough to beat all the players and conquer the Stellae Universe?

Good luck and have fun!

Boss Schedule

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New Patch! Version 1.1.4

We arrive with new updates for Bellum: Stellae

Our developer team has worked hard to bring you the redesigned Game UI and Boss panel, and a lot more.

Lady X has arrived

Lady X was born in one of the most mysterious planet in the Evil Eye Galaxy called the Home of the Invisible Warriors. She has special abilities like the infinite invisibility and the continous spying.

Managed to beat Lady X? Try the hardcore mode!

New Features

  • New Bosses: Lady X and Lady X HC
  • Redesigned Game UI
  • Redesigned Boss Panel
  • In Game Tips to help new players

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability
  • Fixed a camera focusing bug
  • Shorter loading time in the browser
  • And many more small fixes

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New Patch! Version 1.1.0

Our next beta Patch has arrived and is ready to be played. Get into the fight now!

This is our biggest patch so far bringing so many new things that we cannot list them in this news article, just go ahead and explore the game!

New Features

  • New application: Bellum Games Launcher

  • Bellum: Stellae now playable on PC(Windows)

  • Login screen - 3D Design
  • Menu screen - 3D Design
  • Victory Card Progression is now shown in game
  • Decoration shop added
  • Map will now be shown without fog after game ends
  • In-game Registration
  • Display only packs which you have at least 1 (in packs)

Bug fixes

More than 50 user reported bugs were fixed and changed game so drastically that bug reporting will be restarted after release

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Amazon AWS Activate Builders program application is approved!

Breaking news: Bellum Games Ltd. application to the Amazon AWS Activate Builders program is approved!

We are proud to announce that our company, the Bellum Games Ltd., has received another special award, we were selected for the Amazon AWS Activate program.
Previously, such fantastic companies have been included in the program as Airbnb, Slack, Supercell, Pinterest, Wetransfer. We will work very hard to deserve Amazon's trust.

AWS Promotional Credits

Our application for the AWS Activate Builders program has been approved. We're excited to use further for our business the AWS services. We have already got $1,000 in AWS Promotional Credits to our account.

Free AWS Training

We can use AWS Technical Essentials and AWS Business Essentials online courses - for FREE ($1,200 value).
We can also use AWS self-paced labs to get hands-on practice in a live AWS environment. We've got 80 credits into our account.
Last, but not least, we can visit AWS Startups to access hot resources for startups. Learn directly from the startup community, including technical tips from AWS experts and the stories from hot startups.
With this step we get also closer to our goal, which is the creation of an effective game studio.

Thank you Amazon!

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New Patch! Version 1.0.7

Our next beta Patch has arrived and is ready to be played. Get into the fight now!

New Features

  • Victory cards: Set the goals of the game for yourself! Are you a conqueror? Or a master architect? Choose your victory cards now!
  • Automatic web login: You can now join the game by logging in in the webpage
  • Google & Facebook login: You can log in the game via 3rd party services through the webpage
  • Legendary cards: they are coming soon!
  • Shop credits: Premium credits coming soon!

Bug fixes

  • Shop background covers the borders
  • Logout -> login auth. error
  • Peace active effect visual bug
  • Card information visual bug: Now with the full text! (peace, invisibility)
  • Deck Selection-wheel scroll conflict

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GDPR adequacy and Improved Data Security

Bellum Games Ltd. announces GDPR adequacy and Improved Data Security

Bellum Games Ltd. declares that the security of its users' data is more important than anything else. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on the 25th May, 2018, we are introducing a number of additional changes.

Privacy, confidentiality and trust are already integral to our business and we believe that the intention of the GDPR to ensure transparency, fairness and an increased confidence in the security of individuals' data is a positive step.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed on our website, at and .
About our Privacy Policy or any privacy issues, contact our Privacy Administrator at .

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New Patch! Version 1.0.4

Our next beta Patch has arrived and is ready to be played. Get into the fight now!


  • Custom Profiles
  • Profile Picture selector redesign
  • Profile Picture Border selector
  • Profile Background selector
  • Rank Queue now will not include AI
  • Stronger AI players in standard queue
(Everyone will receieve all the stuff they have already earned)

Bug fixes

  • Opponent did not join bug (fixed)
  • Tutorial (fixed)
  • No estimated time on standard queue (fixed)
  • No default deck if tutorial skipped (fixed)
  • After buying pack open pack now messages stacked on top of each other (fixed)
  • Tooltips overlapping each other( fixed)
  • Multiple card collection filtering bugs (fixed)
  • Multiple duel bugs (fixed)
  • Fog cells have diferent look (fixed)
  • Auto login (fixed)

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New Patch! Version 1.0.3

Our next beta Patch has arrived and is ready to be played. Get into the fight now!

New Ranking System and Leagues

New Features

  • New Ranking System Leagues
  • Add friends by name
  • Tooltip System
  • Game Version checking

Bug fixes

  • Options Menu in-game now works
  • Multiple after game reward issues
  • Pressing keys 3 and 4 will not give user both cards for one's price
  • Chat closing button will not crash the Unity Player
  • Assasination card fixed
  • Invisibility card fixed
  • Players/Chest buttons now clickable on the full area
  • Players Deck will not have empty cards

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New Tutorial Videos! (English/Chinese)

New tutorial videos in English and Chinese explaining how to fight and get better. Get into the battle now!

Bellum:Stellae - Tutorial with the new 3D map!

Please share this video with your friends, help us to have a bigger community for better gameplay. This is the new tutorial for our new multiplayer online battle arena strategy game called Bellum: Stellae! We love our users, so we love you, too! Thanks for your generous help!

这是一款最新的多人在线战略游戏称为贝卢姆Bellum: Stellae

这是一款最新的多人在线战略游戏称为贝卢姆Bellum: Stellae

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Xsolla Prize Won at Microsoft Dream.Build.Play Challenge

Bellum: Stellae wins the 2017 Challenge Xsolla Prize

"Bellum: Stellae, a new interstellar territory capture game, won for integrating Xsolla’s user-generated marketplace into their 2017 Challenge PC Game category entry. They will receive a year of access to Xsolla and a trip for two to Los Angeles to pitch the game to Xsolla Capital" - Microsoft

Official Email From Xsolla

Our Thoughts

We would like to thank Microsoft and Xsolla for the opportunity and trust put into our project. Also thank everyone who helped, worked or supported us to make this game become a reality!

These prizes will help us get closer to our dream! In the mean time, we are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Xsolla Inc.

The whole Bellum Team is very excited to dive into the future and keep growing our company and games!

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New Patch! Version 1.0.1

Our first beta Patch has arrived and is ready to be played. Get into the fight now!


  • Profile UI Redesigned
  • Main Screen Minor Redesign
  • Shop Minor Redesign
  • Card Viewer - Learn about a card's usage and story (so far 2 story is uncovered)
  • Spell Cards now have new frame (Black/Orange)
  • Promo Code System
  • Login Screen now have Account Recovery and Registration buttons
  • 20%-35% Performance boost

Bug fixes

  • Match History not saved sometimes
  • Connection issues
  • Card Cost In-game now changes
  • Rank Points does not change after game
  • After disconnection auto login will not log back
  • After buying a pack the deck filter wont work
  • News is in front of Options on login screen
  • After Victory a player cannot concede
  • Online player list glitching on lower powered computers
  • While opening a pack pushing space too many time can cause issues

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