Strategic online multiplayer game, with card collection. Figth for the honor of your space empire. Capture Space at!

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Here you can register to the Bellum: Stellae.

Assemble your Deck

Unit Cards

Used to get MP(Military Power). More MP will enable more powerful attacks and spell cards.

Spell Cards

Used to effect the battle in your favor. This specific one boosts your MP production.

Victory Cards

Battles have 1 or more Victory cards and by reaching the goal of one of them can you achieve victory

A Deck has 8 cards

4 Unit Cards,
3 Spell Cards,
1 Victory Card

Battle Others


Attack enemy territories by paying the cost on the cell or using special spell cards to overcome the enemy. Higher level cells cost more to attack.


Use MP (Military Power) to capture or upgrade territories. The cost of capture/upgrade is on the cell. Territories also provide some MP income. Star cells cost more but provide benefits.


Buy Units to get the MP (Military Power) economy started. Different unit cards will provide different amount of MP per second.

Collect Military Points
Capture territory
Attack the enemy

Chose a Game Mode

Last Man Standing

(NEW) - A 10 player game mode where the winner takes it all. Players start from the side of a big random map and the last player alive wins!

Boss Fights

Boss Fights are single player challenges against different enemies with unique abillities, goals and hardships.

Quick Play 1v1

A quick and easy way to get into one on one battles against other players with using custom decks.

Ranked 1v1

One on one battles for the fame with the best custom decks there are.

Single Player,
1v1 Battles,
Last Man Standing,
and more...

Latest Patch! Version 1.2.0
Our next beta Patch "The Battle Begins" has arrived and is mastered to be played. Get into the fight now!

  • New 10 Player Free For All Mode (Last Man Standing)
  • Random Map System
  • In-game Chat
  • Better In-game Performance
AWS Activate Builders Program
Breaking news: Bellum Games Ltd. application to the Amazon AWS Activate Builders program is approved!

We are proud to announce that our company, the Bellum Games Ltd., has received another special award, we were selected for the Amazon AWS Activate program.
New Tutorial Videos! (EN/CHN)
We have uploaded new tutorial videos check them out at our Youtube Channel or click on the learn more button.

  • New English tutorial
  • New Chinese tutorial
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