Strategic online multiplayer game, with card collection. Figth for the honor of your space empire. Capture Space at!

Bellum: Stellae | Capture Space at



Here you can register to the Bellum: Stellae.

Xsolla Prize Won
Bellum: Stellae wins the 2017 Challenge Xsolla Prize

We would like to thank Microsoft and Xsolla for the opportunity and trust put into our project. Also thank everyone who helped, worked or supported us to make this game become a reality!

New Version 1.0.1!
Our first beta Patch has arrived and is ready to be played. Get into the fight now!

Features include:
  • Card Viewer - Learn about a card's usage and story (so far 2 story is uncovered)
  • Spell Cards now have new frame (Black/Orange)
  • and many more...

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